Started doing my self project #WagMagingDayuhanSaSarilingBayan in 2011 backpacking every Cities and Towns of Pangasinan Province.

In this first entry i’ll be featuring Dasol Pangasinan.

One afternoon, decided to hopped in a passenger jeep off to Victory Liner bus terminal in Dagupan, Pangasinan armed with a canvas bag with some clothes and toiletries, a camera, a phone and a little money. It wasn’t my usual backpacking routine but i’m equally excited with the trip. The exact plan playing in my mind was to get to Burgos,Pangasinan where i can hop in a trike going to Tambobong White Beach. But then again what is adventure when all you’re deemed plan is perfectly executed? Nearing the town of Burgos, decided to get off the bus in Dasol Town proper instead, to capture this beautiful scenery. IMG_8715

Saltbeds along Balsaan Bridge

Wasn’t my first time to see it but never ceases to amaze me. What is Pangasinan without this salt beds anyway? After capturing some photos, resumed my plan. Hiring a trike is too pricey and hefty for my taste but i took the gamble hoping that it’ll be a wise and good decision. After an hour trike ride, Viola i’m here! IMG_8756

Tambobong White Beach

It’s not what i expected it to be but never the less it’s still a good place. So basically, i roamed around the place captured some photos until it gets dark. As time passes, i spread my “malong” in the shore, stayed there to watch the night sky and enjoy the quiet time till 3am , but when some people started the videoke machine near my spot decided to get a room and cap the night in a huge kubo all by myself. 🙂