It’s been a long time dream to travel on foreign land. I begun seeing that dream came true when i booked my very first international flight last 2012. Feeling hopeful, anxious and excited at the same time because i was doing it solo. As months passes by i carefully planned that backpacking thingy, booked hostel accommodation for 5-6 days, checked local transportation mode, changed currency and started to save some money.

When that day comes i hail a cab off to the airport 4 to 6 hours ahead of my flight schedule. Time’s ticking i’m about to queue at the immigration counter, the Immigration Officer asked me if it’s my first time and i said Yes! nervously, she checked my flight return ticket, company id and hotel accommodation, after awhile she’d stamp my passport. As i passed by the counter, was about look for a seat because i’m planning to arrange my documents before going to the boarding gate, then suddenly the Immigration Officer called me asking where i’m heading, answered calmly i said, “There(pointing to the seats where some people sit”, to my horror, she answered back saying “Do you want me to offload you?” Shocked! i said No! then rush immediately to the boarding gate!

Tsk, such Immigration horror story! Then finally i’m flying. 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Landed at Hongkong International Airport


Avenue of the Stars

There were so many memories, adventures and misadventures in this travel that getting lost has become a norm. As much i want to squeeze in every detail in this post as everyday’s full of fun and promise i will not. 🙂 (Thought bubble: i might post details on each places i went to. Hmmmm, i guess not. Hehe.)

Of Memories and Courage

That moment when you step out of your comfort zone.

That moment when find courage talking to a stranger.

That moment when you completely trust your guts and intuition.


Tan Tian Buddha

*Conclusion: Solo backpacking is not bad at all 😀