Then again the project continues…

I’ve yet to explore this town, usually i just pass by this town since i started the #WagMagingDayuhanSaSarilingBayan Project. In this particular date from Alaminos,Pangasinan i hopped in the bus asked the bus conductor to drop me off Sual town proper. Since it’s still early in the morning, i went to the public market and check what it has to offer. 🙂 Roaming around the public market is one of my “Must Visit” when i travel because sometimes you can see some interesting food and things around. As the adventure continues i asked the dry goods vendor how can i go to the beach. She said, Beach? what we have is the Tobuan Beach it’s near the boundary of Sual and Labrador, Pangasinan. Saying my Thanks, i hired a trike and instructed the driver to drop me off at Tobuan Beach.


Tobuan Beach

The beach crowded, but no worries i think everybody’s having fun 🙂 The sands gray but who cares, all the families were swimming and enjoying the beach. The weather’s very nice and too perfect. I surely be back!


Salbabida (Floaters)

Till next time. 🙂