As this project continues, one may say that i have traveled Pangasinan Province through and through, but i wasn’t, there are so much to see and even though you have traveled the same place, one experience will never be the same, it surely is different than your last visit. In this post, i’m featuring Binmaley Pangasinan.

This place dear to my heart because my father’s grandmother lived in this town, we used to visit her when i was still a child. Sadly, she passed away. Anyways, i don’t wanted to linger on that tone. As a child, during vacation we usually go to the beach. Since we moved out, the nearest one that we could visit is the beach in this town. I loved this place beach, why? Because i like the afternoon waves. 😀 You can actually play 1,2,3 jump as the waves approach. 😀

IMG_9178_1Binmaley front beach

Through out the years it still remain as my favorite despite being in some of the country’s nicest beach. Though the cottages seem to have been multiplied and the beach’s infested with jellies it is still beautiful, peaceful and serene even though there’s crowd.


If you happen to be in Pangasinan, you might want to visit. And find this place worth it.