Change is inevitable.

I was here December of 2009, no crowd, no wooden barricades, no boat parking. Though things have been pricey that time it wasn’t too much.

Anyways, typhoon Dodong is approaching the northern most  and some parts of the northwest of the country during that weekend, in times of planning there’s always a plan B. Luckily it’s not raining so the plan pushed through. First things first, Island Hopping with some of my friends. 🙂

IMG_9387Faro de Capones

After visiting Capones island we proceeded to our next destination.

Next stop, Anawangin Cove. Back in 2009 me and some friends enjoyed this cove as there were no crowds. And the sunset’s so breath taking. This time the place crowded with so many weekenders, we just opted to rent a table because we’re not going to set camp here. After having lunch we’re about to explore the island, but we did not, after hearing we have to pay entrance fee. 😀 Killing time as we wait for the boat, we played cards and have some drink.


Wooden barricade in Anawangin Cove

Then, off to our last stop, Nagsasa Cove.

It was my first time to visit this cove, well, according to some people this cove is also beautiful way way way back, again change is inevitable. 🙂 Did i mention that we left some things we needed? Haha, yeah, we forgot the griller and some of the borrowed cooking utensils are left at the previous cove, its Great isn’t it? Good thing the care taker let us borrow some of their cooking utensils. Decided to cook dinner early as there were no electricity it’ll be very difficult for us to cook.

Night time: socials, drinks, bonfire, star gazing, food and more food. Then capped the night. Zzzzz.


Nagsasa Cove