There are expensive things in this world that you’re willing to pay and buy.

Mine? Round trip flight ticket to this place.

When i booked the flight, i started planning and researching anything about this place. Luckily there are lots of online DIY’s. Thanks to their tourism site too it’s really informative.

Remember the immigration horror story in my previous post? I got one again, hahaha. While queuing in the Immigration counter i gave all the necessary documents to the Immigration Officer(the officer is quite young) she’d stamped my passport after asking necessary question. On my way to the boarding gate there’s another officer(more older than the one in the counter) checking documents, she’d check my documents, asked where i’m heading, i answered back nicely saying Indonesia, then she asked me again where’s my hotel reservation, i told her i don’t have one because the hostel owner told me not to pay the 10% down payment that i can pay it on arrival, again told her the whole story then gave her the printed conversation we(hostel owner and me) have. Then here it comes, why don’t you have hotel reservation? I answered again the answer is in the printed convo document. Then she told me, there are a lot of ways to booked hotel now paid using credit cards or whatsoever, this time i flipped out,  told her i’m willing to pay my hostel down payment but the owner told me not to do so. Then she argued again another thing, why i’m going there, do i have a place to stay there, what i’m going to do there and other things, i told her vacation, nope i’m doing it solo, i usually travel solo, and also told her that i’ve been to Hongkong and Macau solo, she answered by saying, Immigration in Macau is not that strict, wide eyed i told her, WHAAATTTT? Given this reaction she told me, you may go now just make sure to come back. Tsk. Realizing this, my country is not yet into solo travelling thingy. I hope that one day they’ll be as open as any country who encourages their people to travel. That’s another one of my Immigration horror story. Isn’t it amazing? 🙂

So the flight begins.


Yehey, happy kiddo, i explored this place to the bits (i think). Eat every thing it has to offer, be it street food and others. I wanted to share every detail of this travel but just like in my previous post maybe not.

The weather not so good when i went to Prambanan, still explored the place despite the pouring rain.


The next day i went to Borobudur, what a superb architectural design, AMAZING and MAGNIFICENT.


* Conclusion; All things are magnificent you just need to find the right perspective.

* Some places i went to is not in this post. Will see if i’ll be able to post it in the future.