Birthdays means long week holiday. 🙂

I usually book promo flights then plan ahead whenever possible. This time i’m heading to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Did you miss my Immigration horror story? Sadly, i had none this time. Hahaha.

IMG_6054Tung Lam Art Gallery

When i explored this place, my dilemma? Don’t know when to cross the street. 🙂

First day, Explored the city till afternoon, drink coffee, eat at the streets and had fun in all the museums.

To this date, wouldn’t forget that bar hopping experience when i had given in to alcohol. That’s really an epic thing for me, whenever i drink i usually know when to stop, this time i’ve hard time checking it because that cocktail drink doesn’t even taste alcohol, in the end got knocked out! Shisha session(first time to try) plus bar hopping is kinda liberating for me because i don’t usually do that kind of thing. Just good enough that i had 2 roomies who brought me back at the hostel. Gahhh! It’s kinda off really, getting drunk in the foreign land! Tsk, there will be no next time, promise.

In the morning i feel awful, hangover eh, went to the bathroom to wash away that dizzy feeling and drink some medicine to let it subside. After feeling a bit better went out of the hostel then went on with the tour(my first time doing tour in foreign land, i think it’s much more cheaper than doing it DIY).

IMG_6338Mekong River

After exploring the city, drinking lots of coffee to the point of drowning(i’m not complaining here, i loooove coffee) and doing tours i proceeded to my next destination, it’s in Mui Ne, Vietnam(will have separate entry on this).

Ho Chi Minh will always be one of my favorite place.

By the way i skipped  Cai Dao temple and Chu Chi tunnel tour.

Conclusion: Be brave and know your limits.