The mountains are calling.

Started climbing mountains since 2008, my first attempt? The doctor didn’t allow me to because i have pre-hypertension, how sad really it is. Given this it didn’t stop me to try it out. There have been years that i’m actively climbing mountains then i stopped. Late last year, i started climbing again, this time, it’s more of day hikes.

There’s a personal reason why i had to stop climbing, in the process i think i’ve lost that drive to do so. But there are still a vast reason to love mountains, its tranquility and your power to conquer your limits. In this post i’m featuring one of the Vampire City(mountain) in my country.

IMG_6799Tiger leech(limatik)

First time to climb a mountain infested with tiger leech as i have a paranoia on crawling insects or animals. I get goosebumps. This year, braving enough and testing myself if i can do it i joined some group that were about climb Mt Natib. Luckily there aren’t many of them as the trails not mossy and in that month it’s not raining.

IMG_6757Mt Natib’s Summit

It’s foggy in the summit so there aren’t much to see. 🙂

I’d say that climbing mountains is invigorating and relieve city stress.