As much as i enjoyed Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam i’m loving Mui Ne.

7 hours in Futa Lines sleeper bus playing an English movie dubbed in Vietnamese Language by a woman. Hehe.

First thing i did was to check in at the hostel, booked an afternoon tour then settled my things. 🙂

Afternoon, hopped in an army jeep with other foreign group, we started the tour.


Fairy Stream

I can’t really tell you how much i love this place Mui Ne. So i’m expressing it with some lovely photos(i think). Cam battery and phone uncharged, tsk! Got so excited that i forgot to charged it before the tour. Anyways still manage to take some snapshots. Enjoy.

*Sorry bout the horizon, think i’m having trouble focusing. Yaiks!


Mui Ne fishing village


White Dunes

* Sadly my camera’s battery got emptied after a couple of shots. 😦

IMG_20140928_182707Red Dunes

* After a couple of shots phone’s dead. Tsk.

I’ll definitely go back to Vietnam to explore more of it. Love lots!