More mountain post, that means i’m really desperate to climb one. In this post features Pico de Loro. This mountain is just one of the best that i’ve scaled and climb. My first attempt was 2012? or Maybe 2011. During that years this mountain wasn’t as crowded as today, well i could say nowadays there aren’t mountain that wasn’t crowded (I’m talking only mountains that are commercialized). Me and a couple of friends went on dayhike (do the summit and climb the monolith). Last year 2014 i’ve invited my team in the office to do a dayhike traverse (all of them are beginners and none of them are regular hikers, that’s a very grave mistake on my part, though they are capable i wasn’t aware that some of them have fear of heights). What happen their serves as a lesson everytime i ask/invite some friends to hike. It wasn’t that easy organizing things like this.

IMG_1595Pico de Loro Camping area

Mountains are like people, they may look like the same but they have different personality. No mountain deemed as easy, its level depends on one’s body limit, no such thing as easy, if you know what i mean.

IMG_1579Pico de Loro summit

Its summit offers a 360 view, on the other side was the view of the monolith.

  • Hiking should always be accompanied by responsibility and ownership.