Birthdays, solos, misadventures and others.

Visiting this place wasn’t the main adventure, some circumstance lead me to be here. And didn’t regret it a bit, with its pristine beach ranges to at least 14km who wouldn’t want that? 🙂

IMG_3270San Vicente long beach

What can i say about it? My golly i loooooooooooove it here, you alone in that beach with this kind of view, who wouldn’t love it?

In my past travels i always do it solo not for anything else but i wanted that solitude, serenity and sincerity one place can offer. I was so hesitant to post about this place because i don’t want it to be flocked by people who doesn’t respect places like this. Why i’m posting it? Because i still believe in those people who cares and that this blog site serves merely as my travel journal, that who ever bumps into this site is welcome to read, point some errors/misinformation but not to a point to bashing.

Update: There’s an ongoing airport construction in this place, it may be open to tourist more around 2017 or late 2016. 

It just sad that some travelers’ nowadays just wanted stamps only in their travelog that they forgot the very reason why people travel.

IMG_3280San Vicente long beach

Thought bubble: Just enjoy life. 🙂