Have you seen a falls that runs straight through to the sea?

Long weekend’s coming. A friend invites us in their place, in this particular island called Ticao Island in Masbate. Imagine a small group of people doing that grueling bus trip with a passenger named “washing machine”, ro-ro(roll-in roll-off) at the very peak of Holiday. That’s an early penitence. Since all of us have experience on light travelling and backpacking this kind of adventure is not new at all. It’s part of that learning and cultural checking.


What we actually did that time?

Do that 360 motorboat checking of the whole island, we’re the first one to do that by the way (in my very own knowledge). Visited that small falls in the inner part of the island near that big falls. (That small falls didn’t have a name so we jokingly called it Asuncion falls named after one of our friend)

Two of our friends dared to swimming this big falls in close proximity, apparently they’ve realize the danger of it, as fresh water have higher density than the saltwater. A single mistake might result to drowning.


Thought bubble: Safety first!