Let the Bontoc travel story continue…

Hiking other peak in Maligcong wasn’t planned, but who got plan anyways. 🙂

What i love about this place is that it gives you the foggy vibes you’ll surely love when visiting the highlands added with its pines, pines and more pines.

Where to?

We’ve reached Maligcong homestay round 2pm, then there were 2 other guests who have scheduled trek to Mt Fato round 3pm, they’ve asked as if we wanted to come, i asked my friend if she likes, then said yes. We freshen up a bit then we started scaling the mountain. To my surprise i kinda like the trail vibe, with its lush pines sum with cold and misty weather, gahhh i love it. 🙂

At Mt Fato Summit overlooking Fabuyan.

According to Kuya Henry our guide, Mt Fato is a direct translation of Mt Bato. Where F is B in their dialect. And Ate V said Baka is sometimes Faka, but Bahay is Afong, ironically in my dialect (Pangasinan) bahay is abong. 🙂

  • My Maligcong travel is so much fun, with all the translation and more local stories , wild mushroom and more mountain tea over dinner.