Because promises are not made to be broken.

Yep, back in 2015(first attempt to visit Cordillera region) i promised to visit this place again, due to the weather condition that time we can’t possibly scale it plus planting season haven’t started yet.

Again, i asked a friend to accompany me in exploring Cordillera region  (which will be discuss in other post).  Guess it’s her first time here in the CAR and she’s not a hiker, but i wanted to challenge her so much that i’ve asked her to climb 2 mountain within that 24 hours stay in Maligcong.

Let’s start with something like, waking up 3am in the morning, then started walking uphill and on to the mountain with Ate Vilma as our guide. We arrived at the summit with a bit of sunrise streaks and been awed by its magnificience. I couldn’t explain the beauty and magic around it but please do visit.

  • Ate V said that Kupapey means butterfly, kinda amazing because in my dialect butterfly is Kompapey. 🙂
My Friend at the summit of Mount Kupapey

We’ve stayed at the summit for awhile till all the people started descending, savoring our mountain tea brought by Ate V with some biscuits, ahhhh that’s LOVELY, life been to GOOD.

***That’s the moment i truly enjoyed the view and the surrounding area, don’t get me wrong, the place too beautiful but apparently that time the place was overcrowded by travellers and “bloggers” who’ve been talkin’ and talkin’ in loud voices about other places to the point to bragging.  

Maligcong Rice Terraces viewed at Mount Kupapey summit

How to go to Maligcong and where to stay?

*From Bontoc proper, ride a jeepney bound to Maligcong. (I did an advance booking for the homestay because Ate Suzette Guesthouse is full pack she recommended Ate Vilma’s Guesthouse.