Cebu am back! So i attended my friend’s wedding, then off to an adventure the next day.

Because the newly wed have another appointment the day after their wedding, me and her friend(the bride’s friend) went to Moalboal, Cebu (will write story about it on another post), then went to Oslob the following day.

So… i didn’t know what to expect from this trip though, at 3am we left the resort in Moalboal to catch the bus enroute to Bato then catch another bus now enroute to Oslob as there’s no direct bus route to Oslob from Moalboal.

Welcome to OSLOB. 🙂

Thanks to Mr Boatman for the photo.

Yep i know, there’s a cruelty in this photo, but to defend them (the Oslob Whaleshark watching), the activity ends at lunch time then resume again the next day to let the whaleshark swim in there natural habitat and find food on there own so as not to be dependent. They also conduct seminars before the watching. Sunblocks are not allowed during the activity too.

If you watched this gentle giants you’ll be amaze really, it was something like Dreaming and Believing.

Whaleshark watching. Photo using S3 Phone.

In all, let’s just be conscious, responsible and aware of the needed space of the whalesharks so as to not stress them.