I’ve set foot to this place January last year, well not a good month to go there, because brrrrrrrr, weather’s crazy and freakingly cold plus it’s not planting season yet 🙂 Imma not complaining here because lalalalah, the place awesome and no tourist or any other guest except for my friend and I, wasn’t it wonderful?

This chronicle started in Tuegarao and ended it in Baguio.

So what are we doing here? Well, i asked a friend to accompany me on this trip because i wanted to see the Palan-ah Falls and hotspring. If you asked me if i did visit Whang Od in Buscalan during this trip, the answer is NO. Not for anything at all but its kinda cramp out there, i’ll visit sometime soon but not soonest.

So back to this entry, as we set off to Tinglayan town proper we hailed an habal habal to reached this place, the views pretty amazing despite the fog and quite gloomy weather.

Tulgao Rice Terraces

When we arrived in the place the Brgy Captain warmly welcome us, we told her we wanted to visit the falls, she said that her children could guide as there. So off we go chasing waterfalls.

What’s amazing in the place is that the waterfalls freakingly cold on the other side and there’s an hotspring on the other side. If that’s not amazing i don’t know what amazing is to you guys. 🙂

Palan-ah Falls.
Tulgao, Kalinga

Of course we dip into it, then sooth  our cold, tired and aching muscles at the hotspring. Lovely isn’t it? 🙂

After exploring the area, we headed back to the Brgy Captain house, where sumptous dinner awaits, they offered us itag (salted meat) a delicacy in the mountanous region, with watercress, kalinga coffee, wahhh my hungry tummy’s happy.

Thanks Captain. 🙂 Will visit next time.