Thank you to Anna of for this award. You probably already know that you’ve been an inspiration when i came across and discovered your site, we’ve been over a mile and continent away but you’re that to me. I wasn’t that conversible person but i somehow manage. Been following your Sea Glossary weekly and started to respond to it. Amazing isn’t it? ❤

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How TheBeansKit Blog started?

Let’s just say it wasn’t coincidental that i started this blog. I’ve been photo blogging with other domain since 2002 describing every photo with little description and in the long run it somehow doesn’t feel right and personal, it was just sitting there because i wanted to document every travel and places i’ve visited then eventually get tired of it.

Apparently in the recent years i wanted to maintain a blog again with a different approach. I’ve talked to a friend if she wanted to have a blog with me where we could deconstruct travel as portrayed by paid travellers but until now it haven’t materialize.

The same day i made that travel deconstructing blog site i created this site as my travel personal diary. If you happen to read my first few post, contents are personal, from my ever Immigration horror story to a simple weekend chasing waterfalls and beach escapes. It’s personal regardless of tone, grammatical error, phrase and sentence issue. Months after, I’ve discovered someone stole my blogpost with its content and photos. Imagine my disappointment, i was in depressive state for months that i can’t write even a single note on this site. I’ve emailed that person but to no avail. 😦

Months of being in a depressing mood, i started posting notes in this site, this time i have put on watermarks which am not proud of, if you ask me, then lately i’m not uploading original photo size too. Gah, it was an exhausting routine for me and not happy with it, i just wanted this to be a simple blog with nice photo(i think) with all its frills and no conflicts. In the long run i guess i will be back in shape and write long personal travel experience again. For now just bear with me. 🙂

My advice to bloggers?

Am not a writer, not good on essays too, never won any essay writing contest but if you feel writing anything under the sun just write. Somehow, someone will eventually love your work. 🙂 Just don’t write for the sake of writing or for the sake of getting numerous hits and advertisement. Love it and own it. ❤

I’m nominating 1 instead of 15, because i wanted to know her more: