“I’m a big big girl in a big big world” if you’ve listened to this Emilia’s song you might know it, that simple phrase describes ME.

I was that sheltered girl from the province, where my world revolves with weekend family beach getaway, tree climbing, farm, school, books, animes and MTVs. When i moved out to my parents house to get to College i’m still that same girl with a slight routine difference, Maths included, no beach, no Animes, no MTVs, but there are books from my roomies. As soon as i got that diploma i hopped on to that jungle world fighting for that small space in the corporate world. Blessed to have landed a job months later.

When money poured in, i kinda get lost in the process, it started getting into my nerves. After a couple of months i jumped to that new opportunity of uncertainty coupled with the promise of training, self development and work-life balance.

Several of months in my new workplace i joined every club that offers volunteering and adventures from mountaineering to moto, it was such a happy place. I’ve met so many people there that are very passionate in life and travelling that every stories, adventures they shared amazes me. In that certain moment in my life i too wanted to see, feel and taste the world. It may take me a whole lifetime to fulfill it but i’m getting through it by starting that 7107 islands dream. Slowly but surely, savouring every moment of it and have fun in between .

After 2 years of staying in that workplace i moved again to expand more my wings, breathe more and travel more. To this date i’ve covered 42 Provinces in the Philippines (not able to land on all of its islands though because some of it are still inhabited or private) and cross some countries abroad.

Way to go!

PH MAP via We Wander (Screencap)