I’m running fast phase where breathing is in between breaks, coffee’s on other hand and phone’s the other. Its like this world’s devouring me in its system.

And i’ve been chasing sunrise for years but couldn’t, several glimpses on weekends but not on the daily basis.


Last night i watched “My Name is Emily” its a coming of age movie and somewhat refreshing in my point of view.

Life’s happen quickly
Like mountains in the background
And you wake upp one day
And you don’t know how you got there
And you wonder where have i be, how i get here
And nothing is recognisable, everything is didfferent from the last time you woke
And you smile in the photograph just because you’re happy
And the voice speaking is suddenly your own

At this point in my life nothings ever made sense, it was still always a constant chase. Where this lead me will always be a surprise.