My days are rough but wanted to breathe more so i ended up solo up in the North where everything is simple yet beautiful. It wasn’t quite a solo trip though because i was accompanied by my new travel buddy “Little Anna” who’ve travelled across the Baltic Sea and came to the Philippines. 🙂

Little Anna

It was choosing between the black sand in the south or the pebbled beach in the north. I ended up in the north, hopped in the bus, 7 hours after i was at the jump off, a couple of minutes before midnight though with no accommodation at all. Fortunately i’ve landed a good resort that offers an option to camp with access to the pool, the beach and the kubo with a very reasonable price. Camp out for 3 days and 2 nights it was really nice to be there. The owner and her family are very nice, they’ve hosted me as if i’m part of the family.


Lets just keep dreaming , meet new people and share stories with them. ❤