Up in the North and beach.

Under the scorching sun i’ve walked from my hotel to get to this cove. This is more of a public beach where you can see alls those tradional beach huts. Not much people but there are few beach goers and locals. How i love summer! 🙂


Do not be fooled by its calmness though, the currents and waves are crazy.


Some of the kids at the beach laugh and playfully works with the waves. In reality this kids tumbles as the waves hit the shoreline. They’re just to fun to watch. But then what’s the point in going to the beach if i won’t dip on it. 😀 😀 😀


That’s me faking it, hahahaha, truth be told i was contantly washed by the waves. Being a soloist in this travel i have to mount my camera then set the timer. What a tedious work really. I’m a scaredy cat here but overall it was so fun to be with Beach.

Time really goes by when you’re having fun, i said goodbye beach after a few minutes.